This website is created for health professionals to support children, young people, families and carers with seizures and epilepsies.  CEWT content is produced collaboratively by health professionals within CEWT.  The site also includes links to external resources where appropriate.


CEWT care pathway framework shell
aid to help track ongoing care and communication 

CEWT letter template
dictate letters using a suggested format/dataset

Seizure Diary
give to patients for seizure(s) documentation

Seizure Description
give to parents/carers/schools to aid witness description

Drug Dosage Plans
help communicate drug escalation plans

Home Video Instructions
help improve quality of home video

2019 Neurology investigations checklist
list of potential tests for some epilepsies

Ketogenic Diet Monitoring
record results for children on ketogenic diet

Epilepsy data collection form
summarise relevant clinical data

Epilepsies Treatment Summary
table to help document previous and ongoing AEDs

Patient Information

RCPCH First seizure – first safety-net leaflet (NEW!)


CEWT Buccal Midazolam (Buccolam) (pdf) (Word)

CEWT Buccal Midazolam (10mg/ml) (pdf)(Word) 

Carbamazepine (oral) for preventing seizures 

Clobazam for preventing seizures                                                            

Clonazepam for preventing seizures                                                          

Ethosuximide for preventing seizures                                                            

Gabapentin for preventing seizures                                                          

Lacosamide for preventing seizures

Lamotrigine for preventing seizures                                                           

Levetiracetam for preventing seizures                                                           

CEWT Nitrazepam

CEWT Paraldehyde (pdf) (Word)

Oxcarbazepine for preventing seizures

Phenobarbital for preventing seizures                                                             

Phenytoin for preventing seizures               

CEWT Prednisolone

Rufinamide for preventing seizures                                                          

Stiripentol for preventing seizures          

Tiagabine for preventing seizures                               

Topiramate for preventing seizures     


Medicines for Children leaflet – Sodium valproate for preventing seizures 

MHRA Valproate Risk Acknowledgement and Prevent from 31st January, 2024                                                                     

Vigabatrin for preventing seizures                                                     

Zonisamide for preventing seizures                                                      

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SUDEP Action generic reducing risk leaflet (NEW!)
SUDEP Action – specific SUDEP leaflet (NEW!)